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REQUEST ANY ONE have some cool good working chat script with avatars?

a php script other then boomchat with profiles so a real chatroom with profile pics
I strove looking for what you are looking for too, a script better than Boomchat, and I can say there is no other scripts with more caracteristics than Boomchat, you can install some add-ons to your Boomchat, and may you can have what you need. :) on the other hand, a sample of script other than Boomchat is "readyChat - PHP/AJAX Chat Room" but it is old-fashioned.

Regards! :)
Jan 10, 2018
heyyy setuarp you are very right its hard to find anything better untill u hire coders to create custom

boomchat is ok but its over used and i dont like some functions for example users that stay in the room for ever lol when they are already offline readychat is good fast but has no block or ignore functions so it all suck

i google so much for good scripts wish i could code but its hard for me thanks for your reply
maybe there will be something good to use in the future


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